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How To Skateboard?

How to Skateboard?

Especially if you don’t know how to skateboard, which is indispensable for the summer months, you’ve come to the right place. Although this sport, which is quite fun, may seem difficult at first, you will have an easier experience with the steps that How To Easy has prepared for you down below.

So, What is Skateboarding?

Skateboarding, which is a balance sport, is loved and preferred in many parts of the world. This sport, which has its own clothes and accessories, has also turned into a lifestyle.

Skateboards simply consist of a wooden board and four wheels. Of course, parts such as axles and bearings are added to these. Wheels are made of silicone and rubber.

How To Skateboard for beginners? What Should Be Considered While Skateboarding?

  • If you are just starting to learn how to skateboard, you can practice balance by placing the skateboard on the carpet or grass.
  • You should try to stand on two legs while doing the forward stepping motion. Then you can practice on grassy and small paths.
  • You should not forget that skateboarding is an extreme sport, and you should definitely use the necessary protection equipment.
  • Skateboards will age within 6 months if used regularly. But instead of buying a new skateboard, you can replace the sandpaper, tighten the screws or beat the wheels.

What Are The Types Of Skateboard?

Skateboards are divided according to the area in which they are used. Although there are many different skateboard models today, we can divide skateboards into 4 main categories: Classic skateboards, Longboards, Yambas and Waveboards.

Each skateboard has its own characteristics and uses.

Classic Skateboard

Classic Skateboard

Classic skateboards are the sandpaper skateboard models that we all know well. It is preferred in skate parks and tracks. Additionally, it is ideal for performing acrobatic movements.

However, driving on a long road can be tiring because you cannot speed up enough.



Longboards, one of the most popular skateboards of recent times, are longer than conventional skateboards. In addition, the wheels are bigger and softer. In this way, they accelerate easily and are not affected by vibrations. Longboards you can choose for long trips can be a great means of urban transportation.

Yamba Skateboard

Yamba Skateboard

You can think of Yamba Skateboards, also known as Penny Boards, as the smaller version of longboards. It’s so small that Yamba Skateboards are shorter than classic skateboards! With this fast, dynamic and light skateboard model, you can easily speed around the city and travel comfortably.

Yamba Skateboards that allow you to travel by curling will be your savior in crowded areas.



Another most popular skateboard type of recent times is Waveboard! While the other skateboard variants on our list have 4 wheels, Waveboards have 2 wheels. Therefore, the foot is used without touching the ground.

It has a more flexible structure, but with Waveboards it is much more difficult to balance than other types of skateboard. Therefore, it may take some time to get used to.

If you want any further information about “How To Skateboard” you can click here to go to the educational video.

How To Change a Flat Tire?

How To Change a Flat Tire?

Suddenly, you have noticed or seen a flat tire during your trip. But you have never changed tires until now! Don’t panic, we will help you with our how to change tires article and you will change the flat tires by hand easily.

A spare tire, a jack, a lug wrench and a little knowledge are all it takes for a car tire replacement. It is very important that car tire changing tools are complete.

This may not be easy as it is your first time to change tires. But when you go step by step, it’s definitely not an impossible thing.


Safety First

  • If you have noticed a flat tire while driving, use your brakes slowly but continuously while parking your vehicle. If you have the opportunity, make sure that the road you parked is a straight or slightly higher road.


  • Make sure to apply the handbrake to ensure safety after parking your vehicle. Leave your vehicle in 1st gear, this is a precaution against auto propulsion. Of course, it is important that the warning lights (emergency lights) are also on. It is possible to make other cars notice you with these lights.

Flat Tire Change Step-by-Step

Lug loosening

 The first step for the flat tire change is to turn and loosen the lug wrench with the lug wrench to disassemble your tire. Do not completely remove the bolts. If you remove the bolts completely, the tire may come off because you did not lift the car with a jack.



The most important hero of the tire changing kit is the jack.

For the most important step, place the jack under the car chassis. Avoid placing it on the car axle or any suspension part. The place where the fracture supports must be a flat and solid surface.

Once you have placed it in the right place, slowly turn the jack handle. You will see the car rise. The contact of the tire with the ground should be cut at least 3-5 cm. If the tire is high enough, your second step is complete.

You can now detach your tire by removing the lugs you just loosened. It is useful to put the tire next to the jack. This will be a smart move that reduces the chances of the jack from moving.

Tire Mounting

Remove your spare tire and put it in place. Then put the bolts in place.

First, insert the lugs by hand and tighten them by hand as much as you can. Then try tightening the bolts with a wrench to reinforce their positions.

If the process is complete, you can turn the jack arm and bring the vehicle back to the ground with a jack. After the new tire touches the ground, it is useful to check the bolts once more.

You are done, now “How to change a flat tire?” You know the answer to the question. Have a nice trip!


If you want further information click here to check out the video!

How to Drift on a Bicycle

How to Drift on a Bicycle?

Cycling is enjoyable in every way. If you want to embellish this fun with a little action, our recommendation is to drift on a bike. Start reading and learn the easy way how to drift on a bike.

Correct Speed Level

The faster you go, the easier your rear tire will slide. Driving towards a downhill turn can help you accelerate.

Lean in the direction of rotatıon

Shift your body weight in the direction you turn. Continue to bend as you turn the corner of the turn.

Return to the upright position after completing the turn

This will help your rear tire regain traction after skidding. To get yourself upright on your bike, stop leaning on the turn and pull your body weight up.