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How toTake a Screenshot on Mac

How to Take a Screenshot on Mac?

how to snip on mac?

When you find something you like online, or need to send something to someone online, you might want to take some screenshots of course. Sending a link is an another choice, but what if you want to point a specific part or section? If you have a Mac, you can take great quality screenshots on your device, and afterwards, edit or share them as you want. It only takes a one easy shortcut to take a screenshot. However, the shortcut you select differs on how you choose to snap a picture. In this article, I will tell you 4 different ways to take screenshots on Mac.

We’ll need our fingers to be on Shift + Command in the first step, then;

  • If you press Shift + Command + 3 at the same time, it will take the screenshot of the whole screen.
  • If you press Shift + Command + 4, it will let you highlight a specific part you want to capture.
  • If you press Shift + Command + 5, it will open the screenshot menu, you can either take the screenshot of the whole screen or the part you want to capture, or, you can record videos, edit videos of the screenshots you took.
  • If you press Shift + Command + 6, it takes the screenshot of the Touch Bar of your Mac, if it has one.

It also should be mentioned that if you press the Control key when taking your screenshot, it will copy the screenshot to your clipboard rather than saving.

How to Screenshot on Windows

How to Screenshot on Windows?

How to Screenshot on Windows 10 ?

Every computer user definitely needed to take screenshots. Some users may need to use this method frequently every day. In the past, we had to use this feature PrtScr + Paint combination, or a different helper to use. With the new tool on Windows 10 itself, it is very simple to take screenshots and simply edit them.

With this feature, you can instantly save the entire screen or a part of it to your computer. Before recording, it is possible to share it over Windows 10 applications by making various edits or markings.

Use the Quote and Sketch Tool

This must be the longest way we can use the feature. Open the application that appears when you type “Draft Quote ” in the search pane after the Start menu. Then we can start taking screenshots with the “New” option. We can make various changes and undo them through this application. Finally, we can save it or share it with the help of an app.

Assign a New Function to the Print Screen Key

 If you want to use the screenshot feature with the Print Screen key in the simplest way, go to Start right click> Settings  > Ease of Access> Keyboard. From here, toggle the option “Use the PrtScn button to turn on snipping” to On. You can then use this button to start taking a screenshot.

Windows + Shift + S

If you do not want to assign the Print Screen key, it is possible to start taking a screenshot with the Windows Key + Shift + S keys. We can customize the selection from the area at the top of the screen.

How to Create Video Games?

How to Create Video Games?

Computer games, which first entered our lives in the early 1980s, have progressed non-stop until today. So even the definition of “computer game” or “video game” is now obsolete compared to the years when games first appeared, we now have consoles and smart phones besides computers. Still, no platform is a substitute for video games. For someone who grew up with computer games, it has become inevitable to dream of becoming a person who creates the game, not a player.

To make computer games, you only need a strong story, some software and basic coding knowledge, not dozens of people as in professional companies. In this context, the answer to the question of how to make a computer game consists of some basic processes.

By designing a game, you determine the story that the player will see on the screen, and you can undertake all the technical details of the work by developing a game. It is also possible to control both the design and development process. Even if it seems a bit complicated to make a video game, after you complete the conceptual development of the game you want to do, everything is possible with a little effort.

How to make a video game?

  • Step # 1: Do research and start the conceptual development of the game.
  • Step # 2: Create the design outline of the game.
  • Step # 3: Determine what software and hardware you need .
  • Step # 4: Start developing.
  • Step # 5: Test the game and introduce it to people.

Step # 1: Do the research and start the conceptual development of the game:

As with all production processes, the computer game production process begins with thinking. First, think about what kind of game you want to make. The biggest resource to help you in this regard is the computer games you have played before like Minecraft or Pubg. Find the game that impresses you the most and think about how I would make it. Also, don’t be afraid, we learn by imitating even speaking. You can learn to make computer games the same way.

Then you have to go through an intensive research process. You have the chance to get many different training on computer games through platforms such as Unity. With a few basic computer game how-to lessons, you can start the concept development of the game you want to do, so you can lay the foundations.

Step # 2: Create the design outline of the game:

Once you have determined how you want to make a game and become a game making apprentice with some basic tutorials, it’s time to prepare a clean design outline. With this design sketch, you can, instead of trying to make a blind game perhaps how you will progress over the years determine.

Write down the resources you have or can reach in the design draft you will prepare. Determine which coding language you will use during the game development process. Build the basic story of the game. Determine whether you will develop new updates after the game is released. So prepare an outline of the whole process of how to make a video game.

Step # 3: Determine what software and hardware you need:

If the game you want to build is a 2-dimensional (2D), “hypercusual” game with basic skills but with a strong story, you can develop the game using standard coding knowledge. However, if you want to make a game that has much more complex, powerful graphics and will keep the player on the screen for days, you need a software such as 3D modeling.

After determining the software you need, perhaps the most important is your hardware needs. The software you will use for the game you want to develop may need a powerful RAM, GPU and CPU. Questions such as whether you have these equipment or where you can find them, do you have enough budget for these new purchases will form the basis of the game development process.

Step # 4: Start Development:

How you want to do a game, which scripting language, to develop you determine you’ve made the necessary software and hardware; Here is the development process, which is one of the most enjoyable but difficult processes. 

At this point, it is recommended to get support from game engines such as Unity. Game engines will be your biggest assistant not only in terms of education, but also in developing by determining the variables of the game. If you do not have a large team of your own, you should seek help from online support and training programs.

Step # 5: Test the game and introduce it to people:

Everything went well and you made your dream game. However, the process does not end at this point. The testing phase of the game is vital. Whether the coding, designs and developments work exactly right is revealed at this test stage. You can get support from your gaming friends in testing.

After the test process is successfully completed , the commercial side of the business comes into play. Create a website for someone to buy, notice, and comment on the game you have developed. If you wish, promote the hard copies in some stores. The advertisements that you will give point shot on social media platforms will be your biggest help in this regard.