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How To Treat Your Cat Right?

How To Treat Your Cat Right?

How do you show your love and attention to your cat?

You and your cat are best friends with each other. You show your love for them by keeping them nice, meeting their needs, worrying about their health and nutrition. But do you know how to show your love in a way that they understand? Animal and feline behavioral experts recommend these five ways to create a loving bond with your pet cat.

1. Bring your face closer to theirs

When your cat feels affectionate, they like to purr and get close, and gently rub their head on you, especially on your head.

Getting their head closer to you is a way to get your attention and show they trust you. You don’t have to respond to them by bumping into your cat, but if you keep your face close to his face and keep this contact, your cat knows that his feelings are mutual and you show your love for him in a way he understands.

2. Pet your cat like their mother

There are cats that try to show their love for you by licking you as if you were of the same kind. For them, this is showing friendship and affection in the way cats lick their kittens.

Accept this action, where they show their feelings for you, and try to respond by gently stroking their head and back with a damp cloth.

When your cats are comfortable with you and feel good, they will usually blink slowly at you with their eyes half closed. In cats’ language, this is a symbol of trust and affection, and cat behavior experts use it to gain their trust.

If you have such a relaxing moment with your cat and they start winking at you, try to lower your face to their level and imitate their blinking. They will definitely understand you!

4. Pet Your Cat From Nose To Tail

Cats like to rub their upper body against your body.

Nothing is better than coming home after a long day and finding your cat purring loudly and rubbing at you. This is not just a way for them to show that they are happy to see you, but a way for them to mark you with their scent and claim you belong to them. In response to the goodness done, cats gently pat your nose to the tip of their tail to show that the feelings are mutual.

5. Play with your cat

Domestic cats tend to have low activity levels.

Spending time and playing games with them is a way to strengthen the bond between you and help them develop their “hunter-cat” instincts. You can find many toys for them in pet shops, but the best ones are designed to play with you and share your interests.


All these ideas and activities will help you show your love for your best friend. It is important for your cat to realize that you are taking the time to communicate with her/him. Wait for a moment when they are comfortable and seek love and try these techniques. We all know that cats have a lot of affection to give us when they want it.

How To Potty Train Your Puppy

How To Potty Train Your Puppy?

Dogs are naturally prone to toilet needs on absorbable floors outside of their living spaces. From this point on, there is no dog that has not been toilet trained even though it has reached the age of maturity after eliminating the misguide of their owners.

The important thing is to wait patiently for the maturation process they need to find just the right thing, and not boycott the right behavior that develops by paying attention to small tricks. It will be disappointing for you and your dog to have great expectations in a short time.

Come on now, learn how to train your little paw friend with the How To Easy difference step by step!

What is the first thing you should train your puppy?

1. Nutrition Program

Preparing a regular nutrition program for your new friend will make your job easier. For this, do not forget to give food and water at the same times of the day.

2. Toilet Breaks

Take short trips with your dog every 1 hour.

3. Determine the Area

After determining the appropriate area for your dog to urinate, use commands like “toilet” to mark the appropriate area.

In this way, your dog will urinate after hearing the toilet command.

4. Do Not Show Attention

When you go out, do not pay attention to your dog and aim for him to urinate.

5. Compliment - Reward

Give your puppy compliments in a motivating tone such as “Good boy / good girl” after your puppy has been urinating. However, do not neglect to offer treats.

6. Returning Home

After completing all these, return home.

If you wannt to know any further information, click here for a detailed video!

How to Be Friends with Your Pet

How to Be Friends with Your Pet?

We all love our pets and want to spend quality time with them. We want to make our pets happy and we want to be like friends with them. So how to be friends with our pet? Keep reading, you will learn.

Establishing Confidence with your pet

Pets sometimes infuriate us. Our nerves can be upset. Whatever your pet does, do not be violent or raise your voice. That way, she’ll know it can count on you in any situation.

Be Patient with Your Pet

Let your pet get to know you and warm up to you. This may take some time. But be patient.

Be Consistent With Your Pet

Being consistent and prescriptive is the first requirement in training pets. And pets are always warm to those who train them. Because they know where their instructors give what. Be consistent and earn their trust.

Who is the Boss?

Don’t let your pet forget that you are the boss. If your pet starts acting like a boss, you won’t be friends anymore.

Learn Their Body Language

Understanding your pet’s body language will help you to be a better communicator, as you can even mimic some of their stances, expressions and sounds to send your message in a way they understand.

Play With Them

Do not neglect to play and run with your pets. Because pets need to throw out excess energy. If you can give them this opportunity, they will fall in love with you.

Talk To your Pet

Although pets cannot speak, they understand us very well. They even need it. So talk to them. This will be very good for you too.

Don’t leave your pet alone for long periods of time

Pets are only part of life for humans. Remember that your pet has no other life than you. So leaving them alone actually means leaving them without life. 

Create A Safe Space For Your Pet

Think about how you feel in an environment where you don’t feel safe. It’s scary and very nervous, isn’t it? It’s the same for your pets.