How to be a Good Parent?

Being a good parent; To be a positive role model by establishing a personality that supports, empathizes, encourages, is aware of its responsibilities, guides good habits and establishes healthy relationships. Here are ways that can help you be a better parent:

What qualities make a good parent?

Do not experience conflicts with your partner in front of children

Whether or not you agree with your partner, disagreement over parenting issues in front of your children is the easiest way to hurt your parenting authority. Hold yourself and talk to your partner in a private way when the kids are not around.

Encourage your children

There is a world of difference between encouraging a child and giving them a compliment. When your child hears compliments, he has to think about how he can repeat his successes to get the same reaction next time. Encouragement is specific and precise, compliments are general. Encouragement ensures that your child can base his or her success on solid grounds.

Make house rules and obey these rules

Children need rules and limits in their lives. They have to learn to delay their own satisfaction and pleasure – especially in today’s world where everything happens suddenly. But act wisely; Too many rules can lead to riot.

Assign your children

The trap many parents fall for is not being able to properly assign children to housework. Posting should be done in such a way that certain tasks are the responsibility of certain children. If your child is unable to do their job for any reason that day, they should find someone who can do their job instead. No excuse should be accepted as soon as they accept that the job is their responsibility.

Organize family meals

Face-to-face contact has a very binding and intimate function. Even if your work schedule is very busy, devote certain evenings to family meals. In the remaining days, try to eat with whoever is home.

Get to know your kids' friends

Whether you like it or not, your child is significantly affected by his friends; That’s why it’s so important to try to get to know them. Be sure to tell your child that he or she can call home his friends, even if you prefer silence and peace. Even around a group of children who are just talking and eating, you can get an idea of ​​who your child’s friends are.

Listen to your children

Listening attentively has become something rare today. We now spend most of our time formulating our responses while listening. And by doing so, we’re missing some of the conversation. Listen with curiosity to the other person. Ask questions. Even you might be surprised at what you will learn about your child by acting this way.