How to Become Creative?

As an artist, it can be hard to find inspirations sometimes. No matter the genre you are in, becoming creative is one of the most important problems in our lives. In this article, I will tell you how to become creative by my own experiences. I am sure that you can make it, just read these tips, and let the creativity flow!

5 Tips you must know

First of All, Change Your Perspective

Are you still living your life as an ordinary person? Change that! You’re an artist, so you should see everything through an artists eyes. Try to get inspired by every little thing, even if it is tangled cables, there is some creativity in it. Don’t tire yourself just because you think that your ideas are basic. Let them be basic too, this is how we improve, right?

Finish The Work You Started

We all know it, you can’t fool anyone. Don’t start new things without finishing one another. I too, have a lot of art that I did not finish, and I don’t even remember which colors I used. Plus, your mind will be filled with ‘I gotta finish that too’ thoughts. Start it, finish it, and get done with it.

Take Photos and Collect Things That Might Inspire You

You go out and it is a beautiful sky, or concrete buildings with many sparkly lights, take a photo, or a little note that describes the view to remember it. At a time that you feel confident but don’t know what to draw, look at these photos or notes to wake your creativity up. You can also combine them with your recent ideas, and make  masterpiece.

Don’t Listen to Everything That People Say

I usually show the painting I did to my friends and my family, but they don’t make supportive comments everytime. Don’t listen the bad opinions, you will improve in time and you have your own unique style, that doesn’t have to look pretty in everyone’s eyes. If you are satisfied with what you do, that is more than enough.

Practice and Doddle More

You probably know this one but let me remind you one more time, practice makes it better. When you can’t draw something properly or think that there’s somethings missing, just remember that by practicing and doddling more, you can get better in everything. Stay motivated, stay creative, and love what you do!

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