How to Boil Eggs?

In a simple breakfast, in toasts, in ramen, or in cakes… We use eggs in almost every meal. Preferably, I like my eggs hard boiled in breakfast, but not all of us like them in the same way. Do you put your eggs to boil, and once you think that they boiled, you peel them and it is almost the same? No worries, in this article, I will teach you how to boil your eggs from soft boiled, medium, to hard boiled.

3 Different Ways to Boil Eggs

Soft - Boiled Eggs

If you like your eggs’ yolk very runny, it is the most simple one. Put the water in a pot you usually use for boil eggs, put your eggs in the water, run the stove, and once the water starts to boil, wait for 3 minutes and your eggs are ready! Now take your tea spoon, add some salt and some spice if you like, and enjoy!

Medium - Boiled Eggs

For medium boiled eggs, you should wait for 6 to 8 minutes, again, as you prefer. But you can not eat a medium boiled egg with a tea spoon, so slice it in two or three pieces, put it together with any other ingredients you like, and ta-daa, it’s ready!


The last and the best part –at least for me- is hard boiled eggs. I usually wait 10 to 15 minutes for my eggs to boil and become the hardest of eggs. Then I peel them carefully so I don’t get burnt, slice them into pieces, add some spice. I also put other things I like, such as fries, a little bit strawberry jam, toast, and of course a beautiful coffee. 

And a tiny little note; try your hard boiled eggs in any salad of your choice, you’ll love it!

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