How To Change Babies’ Diapers?

If you are afraid of hurting your little one or doing something wrong while changing the diaper, don’t worry. Read on to learn how to change your baby’s diaper in 10 easy steps.

1. First, you should lay your baby on his back on the changing mat or table. If you are using a changing table, be sure belts to fasten your baby.

2. Open the adhesive tapes of the cloth. Gently grasp your baby by his/her ankles and lift his/her butt in the air. Pull the diaper from underneath and put it out of reach.

3. What you need to be careful about when changing a newborn diaper is not to use alcohol wipes until your baby is 2 months old. Because this can  cause a rash and irritation. You can clean the diaper with warm water and cotton or wet alcohol-free baby wipes.

4. First of all, you should start the bottom cleaning of the baby boy from the groin, which is the cleanest point. You also need to wipe the penis starting from the root towards the tip. Next, you should gently clean the curved skin of the scrotum bags and the bottom of the bags, and then between the butt.

Boy babies tend to pee after their diapers are removed, so you should bend your penis down while putting on a clean diaper so that it doesn’t leak.

5. You should also start from the cleanest area of ​​the groin and between the legs while cleaning the bottom of baby girls. You should make your vulva lips without pressing from top to bottom each time using cotton soaked in boiled warm drinking water. Finally, wipe the butt. Make sure you always clean her bottom from front to back to avoid infection. Make sure to clean it thoroughly as there are more layers of skin for baby girls to hide in. Then dry the mini butt with a soft cloth.

6. Put the wet wipe you used on the dirty cloth. We took care of the diaper cleaning, let’s talk about how to tie the diaper. Place a clean cloth under your baby so that the strips are under his/her butt. Many diapers have colored markings or shapes that show the front of the diaper.

7. Apply the ointment or cream recommended by your doctor for diaper rash before fastening the diaper.

8. Then pull the front of the diaper towards your baby’s belly, with both ends being equal. Cover the cloth by opening the tapes and pulling them towards the area you are going to stick.

9. Finally, fold the excess on the edge of the diaper over the diaper and insert your index fingers into the diaper to check its tightness. Your fingers should be able to enter the diaper without too much effort.

10. Remove the dirty cloth by wrapping the adhesive strips around it. Changing baby diapers is that simple!

If you want to learn any further information, click here to go to the detailed video.

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