How To Cook Healthy?

In order to start healthy life journey, first thing you need to do is changing your diet. Of course working out is essential (you can check the workout ideas here), but if you want those workouts to work out you need to eat healthy and clean.

Changing the diet you got use to is difficult. How To Easy Team is here to show you the easiest way possible.

First thing you want to do is identify the nutritious foods which you enjoy while eating. Then continue reading for the healthy cooking techniques that are so easy to do!

how to cook healthy meals?



You can bake seafood, chicken, turkey, lean meat, vegetables and fruit in the oven. With the dry air in the oven, it is possible to cook food with little oil.

You can cover it or leave it uncovered if you want it to be fried a little. The positive side of baking is that you do not need to add extra oil.

Foods are cooked with the oil or water they contain, and in this way they do not lose their flavor, so they are among the healthy cooking methods.

Suitable foods: Meat and vegetable mixes, fruits, potatoes, dairy and egg foods, bakery foods, veggie / vegetarian  cakes.

Grilling & Roasting

Grilling & Roasting

In both methods, it is important that each part of the food is cooked equally. When grilling, it is recommended to cook both sides of the food for 3 to 5 minutes to ensure that the food is getting enough heat. If you are going to grill / barbecue outdoors, you must first make sure that the coal is really ember. 

Food should not come into contact with the flame, this is the most important point. In grilling and roasting methods, fat is removed from the food.

Suitable foods: fresh meats, offal, poultry, fish and seafood, vegetables (especially mushrooms and tomatoes)



With the boiling method, the starch in the food is broken or softened, the cellulose, protein and fibrous structure of the food is broken, it becomes softer. With boiling, you can make the food suitable for your taste and digestibility.

At the same time, by boiling food, you destroy the bacterial content that can lead to food poisoning, which makes the food safe.


Deep Frying

Frying in oil is a method that should not be preferred. In the deep frying method, the proteins in the mixture (such as milk and flour) in the food surface are coagulated and the food attracts less fat, contrary to popular belief.

Time is also very important;

When cooking thick pieces, the temperature should be reduced and sufficient time should be, otherwise the food may be cooked less allowed. The opposite is also true; small pieces should be cooked in hot oil and in a shorter time.

Suitable foods: Fish, poultry, ready-made foods, vegetables, potatoes, dough



In this cooking method, the foods are kept at high heat for a short time until they change color. Then, a small amount of water is added and it is cooked over low heat.

Depending on the type of food you will cook, you can use tomato juice, which is rich in nutritional properties, instead of adding water in this method. It is an especially suitable method for cooking vegetable dishes.

Cooking In Liquid

Cooking in Liquid

1. Foods such as fish, chicken are cooked with a minimum of liquid (water, liquid, milk and wine). The liquid should never be allowed to boil, but should be kept as close to boiling point as possible. Baking in a hot oven of 100 ° C is suitable for this method.

2. The term boiling is defined as “Poche” in French. With 8 cm water this method Simmering can be given as an example to. Cover all the fish and chickens with cold water and leave to boil, slow cooking over medium heat until cooked.

This method can be applied to many foods:

  1. Deep cooking; whole fish, shredded / portioned fish, seafood, whole chicken, eggs, fresh / frozen fruit.
  2. Cooking with little liquid; small whole fish, fish tenderloin, fish fillet.



It is a frequently used method for quick cooking of small and finely divided foods. There is absolutely no need to add oil if you are using a non-stick pan. However, if you do not have such pan, it may be possible to sauté by adding a teaspoon of oil.

In the foods that are cooked by mixing continuously, the juice of the food is prevented from coming out and the nutrients are preserved.

If you want to know any further information about Healthy Cooking and Healthy Diet click here to go to the detailed video.

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