How to Decorate Christmas Tree?

The most exciting time of the year is coming up and you want to decorate your Christmas tree. However, you are sick of the same old decorations and want to do something unique. Good to know because we have new decoration ideas for you.

how to decorate a christmas tree like a professional?

1. Shape The Branches

Shaping and fluffing out the branches may be a time consuming task. But if you do the fluffing, your tree will look more natural and full. Separate each branch at a time so they fan out to cover more area.


2. Determine a Theme

You want to choose a theme before you decorate the tree. So that, the general appearance of the Christmas tree looks more all-together. Choosing a theme gives you an idea for how to decorate the tree. If you want some inspiration, you can look at Pinterest or click here to go to the video.

3. Light Placement

Start with the lights because it is more difficult to add lights after the other materials like baubles and garlands.

Using the plug as the starting point, you start with a string of lights, wrapping it around the trunk of your Christmas tree, moving up the center of your tree’s base. Continue to wrap the lights evenly around the branches closest to the trunk, and then knit up the center of the crown. Keep on weaving the lights till you reach even the tip of your branches.


4. Choose The Right Decoration Material

Choosing accents that match your theme will help you achieve a consistent design.

Opt for Christmas tree decorations that will complement the overall look of your tree, whether it’s hanging tree ornaments, garlands, ribbons or flower pins. Many sets of trivia contain different shapes, sizes, finishes and designs. Combining these with traditional ornaments will give you more freedom to play your theme.

5. Combine Your Ornaments

Collect three baubles of different sizes to add elegance and visual appeal. You can put the same pieces together or choose their opposite.

Shake the delicate glass spheres to the top of the tree to avoid any breakage and finally add special ones to keep them in perfect position.


6. Styling The Ribbons

Layer your Christmas tree with ribbons. You can kind of ribbon or double stripes with contrasting textures and different widths to create more effect.

7. Picking The Tree

It comes in many forms such as tree branches, fancy branches, twigs, fruits and even pine cones. Use them as subtle highlights to complete the whole look of your tree. Be sure to choose bendable stemmed ends to make styling easier.

If you want more detailed information and looking for inspiration, click here to learn more unique ideas!

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