How to Do Cross-stitch?


Cross-stitch, on all kinds of fabric and leather, by hand or machine, on the ground stretched by means such as needle and crochet, pulley, tenter and paper, using thread, glitter, wire, counting or not counting, various techniques are applied in a flat or fluffy manner, It is the art of embroidery created with his labor.


How To Do Cross-stitch?

In order to work on cross stitch, it is essential to learn techniques such as creating a model, determining the center of this model, preparing the yarn, hiding the ends of the yarn, and making cross-stitching.

You can go to courses to learn cross stitch. In addition to the courses, through social media and internet, anyone who is able can easily learn this art.

If you want to learn further information about How To Do Cross-stitch, you can click here to go to th tutorial!

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