How to get Kids to Eat Healthy?

The foundation of a healthy and balanced diet is laid in childhood, and versatile nutrition is of great importance for children in growth and development age. Lets learn about ”How to get Kids to Eat Healthy?

strategies to encourage healthy eating in child care

Tell your child about the importance of nutrition

Children can find the colorful food pyramid you draw on a piece of paper after a certain age and be motivated to eat. For a healthy diet, sufficient amounts should be consumed from the groups in this food pyramid every day. By saying that my child should not go hungry, giving weight only to the food group he likes brings along inadequate and unbalanced nutrition. Consequently, the risk of obesity, weakness, decreased immunity, heart disease, diabetes and other metabolic diseases in later ages increases.

Do not choose ready-made juice, squeeze the fruit yourself

The healthy sample breakfast menu should be supplemented with lemongrass (parsley, lettuce) rich in vitamin C, which protects the immune system and reduces the risk of disease, especially during seasonal changes. In addition, ginger added to honey is very important in preventing diseases. The fruit juices preferred for breakfast should be freshly squeezed and should be consumed no more than 15 minutes after being squeezed. However, it should not be forgotten that fruit juices have a high energy content and their portions should be kept small.

If one meal is meat, the other should be a vegetable

When one meal of meat is preferred, the other meal should be a vegetable, the one that the child likes, and vegetables should be cooked without losing their vitamin C. To prevent the loss of vitamin C, vegetables should be cooked in little water and never spilled.

Add different flavors to your child's milk and buttermilk

Preferred drinks with meals are also very important as they are a part of a healthy diet for children. Milk or ayran should be preferred instead of acidic drinks or instant fruit juices. For children who do not like milk, cinnamon, cocoa, honey or fruit can be added to milk.