How To Grow Hair Faster?

fast hair growth secrets

Do you regret getting your hair cut? We can understand the pain you go through. Once upon a time all of us were there. But do not worry, we prepared an amazing list for you to not only grow your hair faster but also thick and healthier. 


don't wash your hair every day

Do not be disgusted guys. You may think that your hair needs to be washed everyday but you are totally wrong. You need the natural oils which your hair produces because these oils are what make your hair grow faster and healthy

Your hair may grease out so fast and easily. To prevent that from happening, you can just use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo will freshen your hair, makes it smell good and will not strip the natural-beneficial oils in your hair. Eventually your hair will get used to this washing routine and will not get greasy. Believe me, I tried this tip on my own hair and it works! Of course, I do not mean to say do not wash your body, too. You can take shower everyday, but don’t wash your hair with shampoo.


don't get regular trims

This is a big old lie fellas. “Trim your hair regularly, or it is not going to grow” this sentence goes to garbage. Use your logic, hair will not grow from the bottom, it grows from your scalp. Take care of the health of your scalp

You can absolutely need trimming if your hair is way too damaged. But if you keep your hair healthy it is not going to break so you do not need any trimming. If you trim your hair every month it is not going to grow and all your hard work will be wasted. Trim it only necessary.


don't use sulfate

Sulfate is a harsh chemical ingredient that is used in shampoos and also detergents. Yes, it cleans your hair, but way too much that it strips the good natural oils in your hair and damages your hair. Use sulfate-free shampoo and use it only on your scalp. Do not shampoo mids and ends of your hair. 

Extra Tip: When applying shampoo, massage your scalp to increase blood circulation. Increasing the blood circulation in your scalp helps to grow your hair faster. You can use just your fingers or massaging combs. 


don't use heat

I know that you are sick of hearing this but facts are facts guys. If you want healthy and long hair you need to stop using heat. If you have to use heat in your hair, you must use heat-protecting products. And reduce the usage of heat as minimum as possible.


don't sleep with wet hair

When your hair is wet, it is more prone to breaking. So dry your hair out before you go to bed. Another sleeping trick is to use satin pillow cases. This trick also will reduce the hair breakage possibility.


use natural oils

You can use coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, castor oil, black castor oil etc. Every natural oil has beneficial effects on your hair’s health. Our favourite is coconut oil. You can do mask treatments to your hair once in a week before you take a shower. Make sure that your hair absorbs the oil. In order to do that, wait at least 30 minutes – 1 hour after you put the hair mask.


get rid of the toxic people

Yeap! You heard me right. Last but the most important step is getting rid of those nasty people. 

If you have those kinds of people around you, immediately get away from them. Your mental health also affects the growth of your hair. If you are anxious, your hair gets stressed and slows the growth down.

Getting rid of the toxic environment, both beneficial for your mental health and your hair. 

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