How to Grow Your Own Food ?

Expensive living conditions, unhealthy growing fruits and vegetables push people to grow their own food. Let’s learn ”How to Grow Your Own Food?” together.

Find Suitable Area

It doesn’t matter whether it’s big or small. The important thing is that it is a sun-drenched place. Remember that the sun and oxygen are indispensable for growing to plants.

Chose Best Soil

There is a suitable soil type for every plant. Find out which plants grow on what type of soil. And choose the soil that suits your plants.

Feed the Soil

Plants are fed with nutrients and minerals from the soil. So use natural fertilizers that will enrich your soil.

Don't Forget the Water

Water is a source of life for all living things. Remember to regularly water your plants as they need.

Aerate the Soil

In nature, the soil is constantly mixed thanks to insects. Thanks to insects, the soil gets air. If there are no insects in your soil, you must do the ventilation yourself, using a hoe.