How to Keep a Conversation Going?

You’re sitting with that person, you want to talk, you have interest in them, or you should get to know that person, but what can you talk about? What can you say to make them feel interested? You still don’t know about that? Come on, let’s see how to keep a conversation going, it’s not that hard. In this article I will teach you how to be the master of conversations. Here are 4 tips that you must know.

Be Confident!

The most important skill you need is being confident. How do you think people connect with each other? If someone does not have enough confidence, they can not talk and make bonds with each other. You shouldn’t think about what the others might think, just go for it!

Don’t Try to Search the Perfect Content

The person in front of you doesn’t need to like what you say, they probably know that too. So stop worrying about not talking about perfect things, say what you want to say in the best way you can. I’m sure that this will be enough to impress them.

Go Deep in the Conversation

They’re talking about the latest project that they’re making, don’t just say ‘Hmm.. That’s amazing’. Ask how did  they come up with that idea, why did they choose it, what is the purpose of it? Try going deep in the conversation, wonder why they tell you about that project, and be interested. So they’ll be interested in you too, in return.

Pauses Are Normal, Don’t Panic

Don’t think that it’s over because of a little pause of the conversation. You can still keep going, if you want. For example, saying something like ‘Oh, I just remembered…’ or ‘Can you tell me more about …’ will be enough to show that there’s still much to going on here. Pauses are normal, they should be there to let your mind rest a little, so you can move on. Good luck and have a great time chatting!

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