How To Lose Weight?

Human body needs energy to lead a normal life. The energy we get from food is distributed throughout the body and some of it is stored as fat. If as much energy is generated as needed, we will stay at the same weight. We provide energy intake below our needs, use of fat stores and lose weight.

If you follow the suggestions for healthy and regular weight loss, you will not experience stress, and eventually, lose weight.

Lose weight Step by step

Healthy Diet- Losing Weight

Take Notes What You Eat In a Day

Take notes that will guide you in knowing what calories you take. In this way, you will experience ease in losing weight.

Eat Regularly

Missing or not eating a meal causes overeating at the next meal and slowing the metabolism . It is unfavorable as your fatigue and blood sugar will also decrease.

Don’t Starve Yourself

 It is not possible to lose weight by being hungry. When you are hungry, stress hormones store more fat. Being hungry also causes you to regain the weight lost.

Increase Water Intake

Stay hydrated fellas! Calorie-free water also prevents you from consuming calories as it will give a feeling of satiety. You can also consume herbal teas.

Add 10% to Your Calorie Amount

According to your calculations, if you have an average of 1600 calories but do not have weight loss, add 10% to increase 160 calories. You may be eat fat or cooking style used in the foods carrying high calories.

Make A Diet List

Sometimes there are foods out of our habits on the given diet lists, so it may be healthier to set a list of your own.

Keep Your Goal Realistic

Set as much weight as you can as a goal, keeping the target too high will be disappointing. And it spoils your motivation. So be realistic.

Don’t Eat If You Are Not Hungry

Eating again without getting hungry means getting back calories on top of the calories we haven’t burned. Therefore, do not sit at the table without getting hungry.

Quit Eating Your Favorite Food

Remove a food you love or can’t stop eating from your life (like chocolate). In this way, your calorie intake will also decrease.

Don’t Skip The Breakfast

Breakfast increases the rate of metabolism and burns calories. So be sure to have your breakfast.

Stay Active

Exercising helps you burn calories. Take walks, workout, swim or dance! Dancing is a good cardio. 

Give Yourself an Opportunity

Stay away from snacks. Do not say that eating a little does not hurt and give yourself the opportunity to achieve your goal.

Never Eat Sugary Foods

There is plenty of sugar that the body needs in fruits and vegetables. So never consume refined sugar and sugary foods.

Avoid Stress

Stress hormones prevent fat burning and you unconsciously need to eat constantly. So try to take stress out of your life.

Sleep Regularly

Less sleep means eating too much to fill the energy gap. Regular sleep helps you burn calories.

Avoid Carbohydrates

Carbohydrate foods cause excess weight and are difficult to burn. Eat vegetables, fruits or protein.

Reduce The Portions

Use plates that can take small portions so that you can get used to less food.

Have a Hormone Test

If you can’t not lose weight despite your diet, have your body’s hormone balance checked. Thyroid imbalance causes weight fluctuations.

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