How to Make Brand New Candles Out of Leftover Ones?


The essential decorations of romantic dinners, meditations, and many more: candles are an important piece of our lives. So why throw out leftover candles, when we can make our own candles from them? In this article, we will learn how to make brand new candles from any leftover piece of candle, to our liking.

Step 1

First of all we need to gather the candle pieces that we will mix together. You can either mix the same type of candle, same scent or same colour; or mix scentes and colours. Just make sure that they don’t smell to heavy, or the colour is not something that does not match your style.

After gathering all the pieces, seperate candle wick threads if there is any in them, cut into little pieces with an old knife –so that a beautiful knife would not be sacrificed- and put the pieces, again, into an old pot to heat and melt. We should also prepare our molds and threads here, it can be an old tequila glass, any shape of an open ended glass or ceramic can do.

Step 2

In this specific part you might have to be careful, candle wax acts like oil when it boils, we don’t want to get harmed by that. So set your cooker on the lovest heat, put your pot of candles on it and watch them mix as you gain some satisfaction points, because it really is satisfying if you also mix the colours, and mix the scentes beautifully as well.

After a couple of stirring, it should be done, so grab your mold, if you want to keep your candle in the mold it is fine, but if you’re going to take the candle off after it dries, make sure to use a cooking spray or a little more professional candle spray to prevent it from sticking, and making it harder to take off.

Now you can cut your wick thread, place it in the middle of the mold, and with an hair pin or a plastic bag pin, fix the thread on the top of the mold, so we can light our candle after it dries.

Step 3

Finally in the last step, pour the melted wax slowly in the mold, let it dry, and enjoy your brand new, hand made and enviromentally friendly, upcycled candle! 

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