How to Pierce Your Own Ears?

Ear piercings can be expensive if you want them to be done professionally, and sterile. It also takes less time to do since you don’t drive to your piercer, and when successful, you’ll love it more than ever! Trusting in yourself is the most important thing of course, if you think that you can get over the pain and the excitement, here’s how to pierce your own ears at home


  • Hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol to clean ears, and piercings.
  • A needle to pierce the ear,
  • A lighter to heat up the needle,
  • And a marker to mark the ear.


After gathering all of these stuff that we’ll use, we first start with cleaning the ear that is going to be pierced, and the piercings. The choice of piercings is of course up to you, but starter piercings are easier to use and makes the ear easier to heal since they are sharper and much more suitable.

With a marker, mark the area or areas of your ear that you want to pierce, make sure to mark suitable places for piercing, not somewhere weird. You have the option to numb your ear with ice or ice spray also, but this is not that much recommended since it could shrink the size of the surface, so it’s up to you.

Now It's Time To Pierce the Ears!

Now take the lighter, heat up the needle for approximately 10 seconds, and wipe it down with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol to clean it. Get the needle to the marked area, and with a careful but swift movement, stick the needle through your ear. This should wait penetrated for 2 minutes, while rotating the needle at times to make the ear get use to the hole and widen it a little bit.

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