How To Potty Train Your Puppy?

Dogs are naturally prone to toilet needs on absorbable floors outside of their living spaces. From this point on, there is no dog that has not been toilet trained even though it has reached the age of maturity after eliminating the misguide of their owners.

The important thing is to wait patiently for the maturation process they need to find just the right thing, and not boycott the right behavior that develops by paying attention to small tricks. It will be disappointing for you and your dog to have great expectations in a short time.

Come on now, learn how to train your little paw friend with the How To Easy difference step by step!

What is the first thing you should train your puppy?

1. Nutrition Program

Preparing a regular nutrition program for your new friend will make your job easier. For this, do not forget to give food and water at the same times of the day.

2. Toilet Breaks

Take short trips with your dog every 1 hour.

3. Determine the Area

After determining the appropriate area for your dog to urinate, use commands like “toilet” to mark the appropriate area.

In this way, your dog will urinate after hearing the toilet command.

4. Do Not Show Attention

When you go out, do not pay attention to your dog and aim for him to urinate.

5. Compliment - Reward

Give your puppy compliments in a motivating tone such as “Good boy / good girl” after your puppy has been urinating. However, do not neglect to offer treats.

6. Returning Home

After completing all these, return home.

If you wannt to know any further information, click here for a detailed video!

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