How To Protect Yourself From Earthquake?

What Is An Earthquake?

In its most scientific definition; earthquakes suddenly occur deep in the earth’s crust tremors. While mild earthquakes are not felt at all, very severe earthquakes can cause serious losses and even erase settlements from the map. 

According to the recorded results, 22 thousand people were lost in India on 30 September 1993, 35 thousand in Iran on 21 June 1990 and 12 thousand people died in the 8.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico on 19 September 1985.

The earthquake can be recorded after it happened, but it is unpredictable that when and where it will happen. How To Easy listed methods we need to do and pay attention to in order to avoid earthquakes that we cannot prevent but can take precautions with the least damage.

Individual and Household Protection Methods

  • Know your home well, discover your safe movement area during an earthquake and create your action plan with your family.
  • Determine the dangerous areas of your home (windows, non-wall-mounted high furniture, mirrors, etc.) and stay away from them in the event of an earthquake.
  • Learn what to do during first aid.
  • Determine a meeting point with your family, go there at the most convenient moment.

Safety of Your Home and Earthquake Preparation

  • Investigate thoroughly whether your house is in compliance with earthquake regulations, and absolutely avoid houses that do not have zoning permits in areas not permitted by the authorities.
  • Learn how to shut down gas, water and electricity lines that were not damaged after the earthquake .
  • For emergencies, keep your first aid kit, food, water, clothing and medicines that you have prepared beforehand, within the easiest reach. 
  • Fix tall furniture, such as bookcases, to the wall or floor, and fit sliding doors to prevent items from falling. 
  • Fix all items placed on the shelves with mounting parts suitable for the floor.

What To Do while Earthquake happens?

Life Triangle
  • Do not panic, give yourself some time to calm down. 
  • Check your surroundings to see if there are any items that could harm you. 
  • If you have an earthquake in the dark; Do not turn on lights, do not use matches. Flashlight can be your savior.
  • When you feel safe, check yourself and those around you, if you are injured, intervene with first aid, try to extinguish if there is a fire.
  • When leaving your home, do not forget to take your important personal belongings with you.
  • Always follow the experts’ instructions.
  • Don’t jump in your car and cause a crowd on the roads to reach your loved ones. Let vehicles such as ambulances, fire engines pass by.
  • If you survived the earthquake unscathed, do not neglect to support the search and rescue authorities, do not keep them busy unnecessarily and contribute to their work. 

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