How to Screenshot on Windows?

How to Screenshot on Windows 10 ?

Every computer user definitely needed to take screenshots. Some users may need to use this method frequently every day. In the past, we had to use this feature PrtScr + Paint combination, or a different helper to use. With the new tool on Windows 10 itself, it is very simple to take screenshots and simply edit them.

With this feature, you can instantly save the entire screen or a part of it to your computer. Before recording, it is possible to share it over Windows 10 applications by making various edits or markings.

Use the Quote and Sketch Tool

This must be the longest way we can use the feature. Open the application that appears when you type “Draft Quote ” in the search pane after the Start menu. Then we can start taking screenshots with the “New” option. We can make various changes and undo them through this application. Finally, we can save it or share it with the help of an app.

Assign a New Function to the Print Screen Key

 If you want to use the screenshot feature with the Print Screen key in the simplest way, go to Start right click> Settings  > Ease of Access> Keyboard. From here, toggle the option “Use the PrtScn button to turn on snipping” to On. You can then use this button to start taking a screenshot.

Windows + Shift + S

If you do not want to assign the Print Screen key, it is possible to start taking a screenshot with the Windows Key + Shift + S keys. We can customize the selection from the area at the top of the screen.

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