How To Treat Curly Hair Right?

how to take care of curly hair naturally?

If you have curly hair, you know it’s very difficult to care for. Unlike straight hair, textured hair comes with some difficulties besides its beauty. Curly hair is a unique characteristic that somebody may possibly have. But you might think that your hair is unmanageable, frizzy, dry etc. Let me say that you are GORGEOUS! Whether or not they are perfect curls or frizzy curls. You, my curly friend, only need to learn how to treat those beautiful curls or coils


I know, you are sick of hearing this warning but facts are facts guys.

Curly hair tends to break easily and is already dry. When you flat iron your hair or “re-curl” them, you put them on the line even more. Also, after taking a shower you don’t want to blow-dry or diffuse them using heat. I know the feeling of the wet hair on your neck sucks. But you can try to air-dry them. Let that air make his job! However, maybe you do not have time to air-dry because we all know air drying takes FOREVER! There is another option you could use. Grab your diffuser and set it on a “cold” or “low” setting.


We have to admit that brushing our curls out is literally a torture. If you brush your hair without any product on them or just on their normal dry phase, you are going to break them. Of course you can brush them but ONLY with products on and when they are wet or damp. Also you want to comb through your hair from bottom to top with paddle brush or wide-tooth comb to not cause any harm or breakage. If you start from the roots it will be both painful and cause split ends.  You don’t have to brush your hair on a daily basis. Curly hair tends to tangle easily so you can also use your fingers to get rid of the tangle. Because fingers are more sensitive and gentle compare to any kind of brush. 


If you damage your hair with wrong treatments, heat or you just don’t know what to do and treat your curls as if they are straight, you might want some of your hair to be gone. We all know that growing out the curly hair is a way too long process but who prefers dead, split ends over the healthy, shiny and bouncy curls, right? You might also want a dry cut. Because curly hair looks different when it is wet than when it’s dry. Your hair is definitely going to shrink after it starts to dry. You don’t want to get upset after coming home from the hair saloon. That’s why you should ask your hair stylist for dry cut.



There are a bunch of beneficial natural oils waiting for you to get them! The curls need attention, we definitely admit that but also your scalp needs love too!

Curls growing out from your scalp and if we desire healthy curls, we have to start from the foundation. It doesn’t matter what kind of natural oil you are using. It can be olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil, black castor oil… Because every one of them has a different benefits for both your curls and your scalp.


Yes, you heard me right! Those facts that I mentioned are difficult to keep up at first. It takes time to get used to those steps. BUT when you see the difference they make, you are never going to give up doing these hard work.


Believe me, your curls are beautiful. Whether they are loose and frizzy or tight and tangled.