How to Write a Cover Letter?

You have prepared a CV, you also make applications, but don’t you know how to stand out among many candidates? The answer is simple! You will summarize how much you want that job, how creative it can be, and what awaits them in the future if they work with you. You can do this with a CV Cover Letter.

A cover letter is the first impression you have of your future employer. Okay, of course, your potential employer or the company’s CEO won’t read your cover letter right away. However, you can be sure that as you cross the road that will enable you to meet those people.


The cover letter is a short introduction letter that explains you, which position is applied for that job, and why they should choose you for that position.

In fact, it is a letter that convinces someone who does not know you that you are the right person for the job you requested. Therefore, it should be original and reflect you, never a copy. Believe me, sharing the cover letter you see in the examples from a friend or in the examples will not go unnoticed by HR Departments. 

7 Steps to watch out for

  • Attention should be paid to spelling and grammatical errors. Otherwise, it would seem that you did not take enough care, which makes your competence questionable.

  • Your cover letter should be short. No need for long explanations. Your CV will already be reviewed. The goal here is a preliminary jump before CV.
  • It should be written for the position sought for each company. You should write in a way that clearly states that you are the right person for the position they are looking for, not in the taste of doing whatever job is in that company. 
  • Your most important features should be mentioned. It should not be the same sentences as the CV.
  • It should be easy and understandable, avoiding complex sentences. It goes without saying that you have to write fluently.
  • A simple and plain font should be used. It is sufficient to use a single font. You should be careful not to be distracted by using different fonts.
  • If “Dear Sir / Madam” or recruitment specialist is known, it should be addressed with the name “Dear X” and end with “Best Regards”. In short, an official language should be used.

Cover Letter Sample

As a standard template, you can prepare a cover letter in a format like the one below. We recommend that you do not go beyond a cover letter in which 3 paragraphs are sufficient. As we’ve learned in school, all you need for cover writing is an Introduction, development, and conclusion!

  • “Dear Sir / Madam, You can find attached my CV for the… .. position in your company. ” You should start pre-writing with the template.
  • In the introduction paragraph, you should mention your education and skills related to the position sought. You should definitely add those that you can see in your resume. Well, of course, in this case, you need to have those pieces of training on your CV.
  • In the development paragraph, you should explain how willing you are for the position sought, how you will work, and what you can contribute to that company.
  • “Thank you for taking the time to read my cover letter and review my CV. I wish to receive positive news from you soon.
  • Sincerely, you can also close to the sentence.

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