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Start your personal care (self-care) by loving yourself. This is the best way to be happy and feel good. It will be beneficial to send positive energy to those around you and to the universe. The universe returns whatever you give it back to you as a gift. It should be noted that you cannot send positive energy either to the universe or to others without loving yourself first.


Personal care is not just about make-up, skin care or fashion. If you think so, you are completely wrong. If you really want to take care of your personal care, you need to look within yourself first. Self-care is deliberate attention and regular maintenance of your emotional, psychological, physical and mental health, which is the best way to reconcile with yourself and heal your self.

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The best and first way to reflect yourself is to show your style. To reflect yourself correctly, you first need to find your style. Casual, gothic, cottagecore, extravagant are some of the most preferred styles.

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